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The TradingApp Store is TradeStation's online marketplace for trading applications. It's the trading world's equivalent to the Apple AppStore or Google Play for mobile devices.

No Maintenance required

TradingApp Store products install automatically when you sign up. There are no files to download and nothing to install yourself. Updates are automatic too, and you can choose when you wish to install them.

Free Trials

Free trials are available for all OF•G products. The best option starting out is the free trial to OF•G Suite. It gives you 30 days to try everything. And at the end of the trial, you can choose either the Suite or one of the individual products.

No Long-term Commitments

TradingApp Store licensing is monthly, ending on the last day of the month. If you begin mid-month, your first month's fee is prorated. TradingApp Store pricing is per TradeStation log-on; if you have multiple log-ons, each must subscribe separately.

No Bills to Pay

Licensing fees are deducted from your TradeStation brokerage account, so no bills to pay.

  • Serious traders demand professional-grade tools. Year in and year out, leading financial publications have praised TradeStation's trading software and best-in-class brokerage services.
  • Barron’s Magazine
    Best for Frequent Traders (7 years)
    Best Platform Technology (5 years)
  • Stocks & Commodities Magazine
    Best Trading System - Stocks (13 years)
    Best Trading System - Futures (13 years)
    Best Professional Platform (15 years)

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Insider Bars
Order Flow Only

  • Insider Bars (two versions)
  • Price Vol Pro
  • Time Sales Pro
  • Extensive Online Help
  • Free Email Support

OF•G Suite

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G Square Pro
Geometry Only

  • G Square Pro
  • G Square Classic
  • G Lines
  • Extensive Online Help
  • Free Email Support

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